This amazing new 6-Pack set of woods will replace most irons in your bag. They hit better, more consistent and are tons more fun to play with all day.

I am the Erge Smart Driver (10.5°)

My balanced heel and shaft angles allow you to hit straighter and more consistent. You will want to use me on EVERY tee box!

I am the Erge Smart 3 (16°) Wood

I am perfect for shots when you need to make up some yards. You'll hit me far and straight because of my angles and I'm designed for most any ball lie.

I am the Erge 5 (20°) Wood

I work great off the tee as well as fairway, rough or even sand trap. My design allows you to hit me 180-220 no problem.

I am the Erge 7 (24°) Wood

I am a real rescue club! I can be used in many different scenarios; fairways, rough, deep grass, etc. You can hit me 150 to 180 like clockwork.

I am the Erge 9 (28°) Wood and I ROCK!

I am a super utility fairway rescue wood and can replace a few irons that you don't hit all that consistent anyway. Hit me easily 140-160 all day long.

I am the Erge 11 (32°) Wood

I am considered the crown jewel if I do say so myself. I hit greens - that's what I do. Hit me from any lie. 120-140 yards in my sleep. Did I mention I'm super fun to hit?

Always Guaranteed To Work

The Erge Golf Collection


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