If you are seeing this page you were one of those potentially selected for the opportunity to try the Erge Anti-Slice Super Driver totally FREE!


We will ship the driver right to your doorstep (on our dime). You don't pay a nickel.


What's the deal?

Try the club for 10 full days after it's delivered. If you love it, keep it. If you don't, send it back and you never pay a nickel.



How it works:

1.  Click here or the link below.


2.  At checkout click "ADD COUPON", type in the exclusive promo code 'Action' (case sensative).  Then your credit card will be

     charged only $0.01 (a single penny, which you can have back after the trail).


3.  Then we will ship you out a Super Driver straight to your front door, so you can try it with no risk and no rush.



Why do we charge a penny?

     Because provided you want to keep the Super Driver (and most likely you will) your card      

     can be charged $299.99 on day 14. 


Why day 14?

     It's a 10 day trial and then we give 4 extra days for shipping it back if you decided to do that.


Summary/Terms and Conditions

By accepting the offer and allowing us to send you the club for essentially a penny - you are agreeing to the terms listed below: 

1.  If you keep the club past the 10 day trial period (actually 14 days because of the 4 extra days for return

     shipping), you accept that we will charge your card $299.99 and you will have the most awesome driver ever


2.  If you return the club damaged (scratched, dented or broken) you agree we can charge your card $299.99,

     This however is very unlikey because we are also sending you a custom embroidered Erge head cover to protect the driver.

3.  If you prefer to send the club back within the allotted 10 day (plus 4 days for shipping) in home trial period -

     you will  NEVER BE CHARGED! 


In fact send the club back UPS C.O.D. and we'll pay for the return postage too.


We can only pull this off because we are 100% certain you are going to love this club and we plan to deliver you that result!


I only have 19 clubs left that I am doing this speacial with, so now is the time if you want to play with the future of golf club engineering.



Always play your best,
Joe Parisi
CEO, Erge Smart Golf USA